I’m releasing a slightly modified version of the current ThemeMeme design, ThemeMeme Vero. The theme is designed with minimalist fans in mind, but is built on Sandbox and the Blueprint CSS framework, so it’s flexible enough to form the basis for your own more colorful mods.

ThemeMeme Vero requires WordPress 2.3.2 or later. I’ve tested it in Safari, Firefox, and IE 7. There are some known issues in IE 6; see below.


Here’s a demo of ThemeMeme Vero.

ThemeMeme Vero WordPress Theme


The ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype theme is free, but I’d love for you to follow me on Twitter and to post a tweet. To download, just click on the tweet2download button and follow the directions. If you’re not on Twitter, you can use the other download link below.

[tweet2download file=”ThemeMemeVero.zip” tweet=”Just downloaded ThemeMeme Vero, an awesome, free WordPress theme! http://wp.me/pG7lZ-1n” follow=”@themememe” /]

Download ThemeMeme Vero WordPress Theme

Download ThemeMeme Vero

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To install, open the ThemeMemeVero folder and upload the contents of the plugins folder to your wordpress/wp-content/plugins directory. Upload the themememe_vero folder to your wordpress/wp-content/themes folder. Then open your WP Admin, activate the plugins under the Plugins tab, and select the ThemeMeme Vero theme under the Presentation tab.


ThemeMeme Vero uses four plugins, which are included in the download. They are highly recommended, but only the Get Custom Field Values plugin is required. The plugins are:

  1. Get Custom Field Values
  2. Get Recent Comments
  3. Gravatar
  4. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Note that the gravatar plugin uses a generic gravatar if the commenter doesn’t have one. You can change this by editing comments.php. Find this code:

and change it to this:

For more information, see WordPress Gravatar Plugin.

Generic Vero Gravatar

I’ve included a generic gravatar in the theme directory, gravatar.jpg (pictured above). To use it, move this image to your images folder and add the path to comments.php.


Here are a few tips for customizing the theme.

Blueprint CSS

ThemeMeme Vero is built on Blueprint CSS, a CSS framework. The framework provides a number of readymade selectors which you can easily edit into the theme files or override in style.css.

For more information, see this list of Blueprint CSS Resources.


ThemeMeme Vero is built on Sandbox, but I’ve edited the theme files so you can’t simply use the style.css file in ThemeMeme Vero to style a standard Sandbox installation. Be sure to read the sandbox.html file in the themememe_vero folder for more information on customizing Sandbox.

Fresh and Featured Posts

ThemeMeme Vero displays your latest post at the top left of the home page, and a Featured post to the right of the Fresh post. It will also display associated post images, if available. For best results, the image should be 350 pixels wide and 270 pixels tall. To add an image:

  1. Go to Custom Fields near the bottom of the Post page in your WP Admin.
  2. Under Key, type: post-image.
  3. Under Value, type the url for the image, e.g., http://www.themememe.com/images/post-image.jpg

Here’s an example:

Adding a Post Image

The Fresh post is always your latest post. The Featured post is the latest post in the Featured category. IMPORTANT! The Featured post should NOT also be the latest post, or it will appear twice! To display featured posts, you’ll have to create a featured category in your WordPress Admin and add that category’s number to home.php.

  1. Create a new “Featured”” category in WordPress and note the category number.
  2. Open home.php in the themememe_vero theme folder. Find this code: .
  3. Replace the above code with this:

Note: I don’t recommend assigning more than one category to a post, with the exception of Featured posts. Use tags instead. You may want to remove the Featured category from a post when you post a new featured post.

Recent Comments

You can edit the formatting for the recent comments plugin under the WP Admin Options tab. This is the code I recommend:

  • %gravatar %comment_author on %post_title: %comment_excerpt
  • Known Issues

    I’ve noticed a couple of intractable layout bugs in IE 6. I’m releasing the theme anyway because, with the imminent release of IE 8, version 6 is all but dead. If you have a lot of users who are still stuck with IE 6, this may not be the theme for you. If you can help fix these, please leave a comment.

    1. On the home page, the sidebar (far right column), drops down below the recent comments.
    2. On the single post page, the post drops down below the sidebar.

    Special Thanks

    I want to give special thanks to Thin & Light, who wrote a custom function for me to display excerpts on the next and previous posts. I also want to thank milo for some troubleshooting help.


    ThemeMeme Vero is Copyright © 2008 by ThemeMeme. It is released under the GNU General Public License, as published by the Free Software Foundation, meaning you can do pretty much whatever you want with it, but you should kindly keep the link back to ThemeMeme (http://www.themememe.com), either in the sidebar or the footer. If you do, you will be lucky in love. If you don’t, well, “For he who shuts out love, in turn must be Shut out from love; and on her threshold lie, Howling in utter darkness.”


    0.1 Released 7 Mar 08.
    0.2 Released 23 Mar 08. Added the avatar tag for WordPress 2.5.
    0.3 Released 01 Apr 08. Fixed a bug in the calendar on the home page.
    0.4 Released 04 Apr 08. Removed extraneous numbers that were appearing in previous and next post excerpts on single posts.

    Published by Charlie Livingston

    I'm Charlie, I'm originally from the UK and my idea with ThemeMeme is to create a directory of only the best free WordPress themes to help people find the right theme for them quicker (and to help authors of quality themes get more exposure).


    1. Great minimal theme Robert! Weren’t we just talking about this…

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    3. I’m currently running it at http://elifoner.com – thank you Robert for another quality theme to dissect and learn from!

    4. @Will: Aren’t we always talking about minimal themes?!

      @Eli: You’re welcome. Why do all my themes look better on your blog, even when you only make a few minor changes, like the way you style your links? I’m going to have to go through your list of tweaks.

    5. Yes indeed. This one is added to my collection as one of my favorites!

    6. @Robert: Not better, but different. Since your comment I’ve gone through the links once again – all have similar hover states, but the background and borders differ. The home page images then needed the background and bottom border cleared on hover. The same thought was used with the top nav menu, which makes it easier for the reader to get a feel for where on the site they are. Same could be done for categories..

      @Will: I dig your theme!

    7. realmente un buen trabajo, digno de cualquier web de Apple

    8. Exellent theme, but I think I’ve found a bug. I dont know if its my fault, but the problem occured before I started editing the template. On the single post I get numbers after the next/previous post titles. Hopefully you know what’s causing this and can help me out. I have tested the site in firefox, safari and opera. The bug is the same. Im on mac os x 10.4.11. Cheers!

    9. Runar, I think I’ve got the same problem here that I had with Aperio. Open functions.php, look near the bottom for this:

      echo count($words);

      and delete it.

      I’ll post an update soon. Thanks for spotting this.

    10. Thanks for the help! Works great.

    11. Running the code at http://jaegillentine.com/blog/?p=6

      Under “Next” and “Previous” – why does it show the numbers after my post title and before the post body?

    12. Jae, see this comment above. I meant to fix this in the last update, but I forgot. I’ll fix it next time. Sorry…

    13. Jae, I just uploaded a new version that fixes the weird number problem.

    14. Thank you, that fixed it. You do fantastic work! Thanks so much.

    15. Thanks for your great work

    16. Hi !

      Love this theme, man ! well done !

      I’ ll be back ! ; )

    17. It’s very nice.

      I noticed a couple of issues in the current version:
      1 – post-image doesn’t work
      2 – ‘fresh’ shows a post that is older than ‘recent’

    18. oops. never mind the part about post-image. i didn’t install the c2c plugin.

      still having problem with ‘fresh’ vs ‘recent’ though. fresh is older than recent for some reason.

    19. pickles, please post a url where I can see your blog, otherwise it’s difficult to know what’s going on.

    20. The article-page is not validating because you forgot “cols” en “rows” attributes in the “textarea” in comments.php

      check that link in the W3 validator

      Thanks for your themes, they’re a great resource to learn!

    21. Thanks, VKNT. There are a few things that don’t validate in my themes. :)

    22. Your theme is great. Problem is it doesn’t work in IE6.

      Yes I know everyone hates IE and it’s the bane of our web developers existence, but what can you do?

      I’m offering a bounty of $40 and am sure a few other people will chip in. Throw money at a problem and it’ll go away.

      Steven Vu

    23. Thanks for your comment, Steven. Love your site, great header!

      I’m pretty sure the IE6 problem is a bug in the Blueprint CSS framework. I didn’t worry about it too much because IE6 is rapidly fading from the web. Only a very small percentage of my visitors use it. But I understand it’s a problem if your site attracts a lot of IE6 visitors.

      Since the Vero layout is really not very complicated, it shouldn’t be difficult to redo it without Blueprint. It’s just a matter of time. If I can find the time, I’ll post a fix for IE6. But I’ve been busy with a number of things and have been trying to work on a new theme. Be patient. :)

    24. Steven, I’ve spent the past hour or so trying to fix the IE6 bug and it’s maddening. I’m going to pass on this. Supporting IE6 doesn’t feel worth it to me. I’d rather work on a new theme. Sorry. But if someone else wants to fix it, I’d be happy to release the update and give the person credit.

    25. i am thrilled to find your theme robert. my friend and business partner, isaac, turned me on to you. your structure is going to house an encyclopedia of insight about the future i have been collecting and digesting since i was a little girl. my lifework essentially. the ability to house it all in one place, here, with you in futurosity, is my greatest accomplishment thus far. i am deeply appreciative of your generosity and will do your structure proud, as they say. _future resident caroline

    26. excellent robert! i can’t wait for you to see what i put in it. i am so grateful for you. _caroline

    27. I think i’ve fixed it.

      It’s actually quite a simple error. In single.php:

      instead of

      and this:

      instead of:

      Can, someone confirm that it works. I’m only using browsershots.

      I’m pretty sure it will work. It’s the odd way blueprintcss does things.

      Anyway, on a side note; have you developed drupal themes? I need some work done and was wondering how much you’d charge. Email me if you’re interested.

    28. hi Robert!
      I love your themes and respect your works!
      I’m not expert of wordpress and have a problem with your theme…I can’t upload image in the hompage with custom fields…Should I put some code somewhere? Can you give more information about??
      Thanks a lot

    29. paolo, I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. Once you’ve uploaded the image, either in the WordPress Admin or with an FTP program, you add the Custom Field key and image URL to the post. See the detailed instructions in the post above under “Fresh and Featured Posts.”

    30. single.php

      find the code below.

      change it to:



      I think that should do it. The bug’s caused by the append-3. Can someone confirm.

    31. Christ. Third time lucky.

      column span-9 append-3

      needs to be changed to

      column span-9 append-1

    32. Thanks, Steven. When I can find some time, I’ll check it out.

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    36. The best minimalist design ever;

      Only had a problem to update the width since I like to increase the size of the photo; but manage to update manually the sandbox; the rest is easy.

      A big thumb up.

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    38. love this theme! thanks for sharing it! :)

    39. Curious as to how you picked the name for your template.

      Beautiful choice ;)

    40. My theme names are picked more or less at random from Lorem Ipsum.

    41. I don’t know if this happened because of the theme, but my statistic plugin has stopped working (it shows 0 hit) since I’m using this theme. I still can’t figure out what is happening. Does anyone having the same problem?

    42. Andika, I don’t know what plugin you’re using, but there may be a tag that you have to manually add the the footer.php file of your Vero theme.

    43. hi robert, this theme is stunning and thats why i will use it soon. developing works good with bpcss and my blog is ready to launch. there´s just one little problem – pickles had the same some entries before:

      1 – ‘fresh’ shows a post that is older than ‘recent’

      this is my problem at present – i´m sure, that i changed nothing in php:


      ID; ?>

      <a href=”” title=””>
      <?php echo c2c_get_custom(‘post-image’,'<img src=”‘,'” alt=”” class=”post-image” />’,”); ?>

      <div id=”post-” class=””>

      <a href=”” title=”” rel=”bookmark”>

      <span class=”published” title=””>

      my system is running local, otherwise i would send you the link…perhaps you fin d the mistake in one minute…

      thanks in advance

    44. chris, if this is supposed to be home.php then you have changed something in the php or the file is corrupted. Also, if the code is as you’ve pasted it, you’ve got curly quotes which could cause problems. If you’re using the code out-of-the-box, you shouldn’t have any problem with the Fresh posts, which is always the post with the latest post date.

      What’s bpcss?

    45. thanks for your quick note, robert. bpcss = blueprint css…

      i didn´t changed your php-code. i only put in the flickr-stream module on top of fresh post.

      i changed the php tag for showing – check it out:

      My Flickr-Stream

      [ID; ?>
      <a href=”” title=”[“>
      [<?php] echo c2c_get_custom(‘post-image’,'<img src=”‘,'” alt=”[” class=”post-image” />’,”); ?>

      <div id=”post-[” class=”[“>
      <a href=”[” title=”[” rel=”bookmark”>[

      [ <span class=”published” title=”[“>[
      ♦ [


    46. can i send the code per mail?

    47. bpcss, duh!

      I’ll email you.

    48. Hi, I am very much into your theme and am having a good time tweaking what little I’m capable of. One thing that I noticed with your installation of this theme is what appears to be a page excerpt or page description under your page titles. For example, from your links page: “Roll ’em. These are some of my favorite Links. The best of the best are marked with a ♥.” I can’t, for the life of me figure out how you’re accomplishing this. I suspect it is through a custom field. Any light you could help to shed on the matter would be great. Thanks!

    49. Disregard the previous comment. I figured it out by creating a new page template (a slightly modified “page.php”). Thanks for the great theme!

    50. Sean, that’s exactly how to do it.

      BTW, your site looks interesting.

    51. Well, it’s existed for less than a day and up to this point and I’ve had zero experience trying to implement WP as a CMS. It’s a little challenging, but I’ve been able to work out what I’ve needed to so far by thinking through it. It’s a slow process, so we’ll see how long it takes to get everything functioning correctly.

    52. I have a quick question. Is there anyone using this theme and a resizing script? I’d like to use it for my website for a couple of reasons.

      1) Is if I decide to change themes or redesign this one…I’d like to not have to redo all my images.
      2) I like that the home page has the same identical images, but on the internal page it has the same dimensions. I’d like to have the internal page to have the regular ratio after the image has been resized to 350px.

      I don’t want the CSS to do it because it doesn’t crop it. I’d like it to remain the same 350×270.

      But once in a post, I’d like that image to be 350xwhat the length is in its own ratio.

      I tried using the Tim Thumb script, but this theme seems to dislike it in someway. Or maybe I’m not as good at editing PHP like I thought.

      Anyhoo check out the script here. darrenhoyt.com/2008/04/02/timthumb-php-script-released/

      If anyone figures it out, let me know. Or just point me in the right direction. I’d really appreciate it.

      Thanks Robert for a great theme.
      I’m concerned cause I know that I will be using this theme for a long time to come. I don’t want it to be a stinker when I revamp or expand.


    53. I got it figured out. If anyone wants to know what I did, just ping me. Thanks

    54. http://flashbang.ca/blog/?p=4

      Hi Robert! I’ve gotten your Modicus theme going on my blog and I’ve run into an issue: can you tell me why my post text is pink?

      Other than that, it’s simply wonderful. I can’t say enough about it.

      Thanks for any hints!


    55. Solved!

      All I had to do was put some text in the first line, which would become pink and bolded; and then hit return a few times until it went to normal text.

    56. Help!
      I’m experimenting two problems with Losemymind with sidebar 1.0 theme:
      1.data entry for posts are wrong, appear 2007 instead 2008
      2.tags under the post are not displayed, there is only a gray bar without any tags…

      Can anyone help me?
      I don’t know php…
      Thanks, Vic

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    58. Hi Robert,

      First I want to say that I absolutely love ThemeMeme Vero. It’s a theme that my fiancee and I feel is fun and we can expand upon.

      That being said, I’ve been changing colors and font styles, and there is one class I simply can’t change: the “author vcard” that is in the entry-meta div on single.php.

      You can see on this page: http://granola-joe.com/2008/05/15/green-social-media-on-the-rise/ that the text for the post info is grey. I haven’t been able to change that by referencing it in style.css and assigning a color.

      Does this have something to do with the fact that it’s a microformat? And what can I do to style its text?


      – Joe

    59. granolajoe, the “author” tag is styled as a link, but that’s not actually what you want to change. You just want to style the “entry-meta” div. Try adding something like this to your style.css file:

      .entry-meta{color: red [or whatever color you want];}

      That should work.

    60. Hey Robert, thanks so much for your response. That worked, and I should have tried that first!

      Just one more question:

      How can I style the bullets that are on the timestamp for posts? Example:

      July 1, 2008 ♦ Comment

    61. The bullets are hard coded in the theme files. Just search in the files for and change it to whatever you want (for example, for a standard bullet).

    62. Love the theme ThemeMemeVero and want to use it. I keep getting numbers after the headings of the posts when in PREVIOUS and NEXT. Also trying to remove the ABOUT block but can’t find any reference in sidebar.php

    63. The “About” text is actually in home.php. I’m not seeing any numbers.

    64. Hi

      Hoping you can help. I followed your directions re: Fresh and Featured posts but I still end up with a Fresh post older than the most recent and the Featured post is the same as the Fresh.


    65. Hoss, as far as I know, there’s no problem with this. Read the directions and try again. :)

    66. Hoss, first of all read the instructions:
      “IMPORTANT! The Featured post should NOT also be the latest post, or it will appear twice!”

      Write a new post and you´ll see.

      “Fresh post older than the most recent”
      There is an easy solution. Just change the script in home.php. Take the same script as for featured post and change the id. before you have to set up a category for your newest entries like “Fresh” and check out the id number in wp-admin. every new post gets the standard id “Fresh” and from now on you will have the recent news on top.

      code should look like this
      fresh_post = get_posts( ‘category=YOUrIDFORFRESHCATEGORY&numberposts=1’ )

      i used this dirty way on my blog:

      which wp-version is used in your case? wp 2.5.1 or 2.6?

    67. I like the design, maybe there is too much space between the content on the front page. Looks very modern…

    68. Hi there, I love this template and still trying to implement as what your have on your demo site. One question about the Featured category. I am using WP2.51 and I think it doesn’t have the category number or ID anymore, no? Just wondering how can I enter the category name instead? Thanks for the help…

    69. Emil, WordPress still has category numbers. Just turn on the status bar in your browser and you’ll see the category number when you hover over the category name in your WP Admin.

    70. is there any way to add a video in the custom field?

    71. Hello Robert,

      Love the theme! I do have one quick question: How would I adjust the color on the comment buttons? I can’t seem to find it in the CSS sheet. Is it somewhere else? Thanks!


    72. Great theme!

      I really like the horizontal calendar, but I don’t manage to apply the code (get_horiz_calendar) in my own theme.

      An error occures: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function”.

      Would you have a solution to advise me?

      Many thanks in advance

    73. This is a really interesting and creative theme. Many compliments!

      I found a small bug, however. I’ve tried to correct it on my own, but can’t.

      According to the code in “functions.php” your horizontal calendar modification is supposed to display a “next” and “previous” month tag. It does not (at least when running WordPress 2.7). Can you update the file or suggest a fix? Many thanks.

    74. hi robert. it doesnt look like you’ve commented in a while. i do hope you get this.

      first off, what a wonderful theme. as all your other themes. thank you for the dedication to the work.

      now, for my problem. its not a huge problem but i’ve spent the entire day with the stupidest problem ever.

      where in the coding can i assign the proper pages to the front top page link bar?

      home, about, contact etc…

      I have looked in every single php page all day. am i missing something or does it just not exist?

      i would very much appreciate the help.


    75. one other thing.. how do you inset image for recent posts? is there a way?

    76. one other thing. how do you post images for recent posts on the main page?

      very much appreciate any help you could offer.


    77. sorry for the double post. it didn’t show the first time.

    78. hi there,

      i’ve posted my issue over a week ago and still no reply.

      For the life in me i cant seem to solve this mystery.

      take a look at my blog, all i would like to do is get rid of the page links;

      * contact
      * design
      * gallery
      * links
      * Music

      i have added my tabs to the top linked to the pages i want.

      here’s the thing; I can not find the codes for these 5 links ANYWHERE.

      i have gone over every single line in the coding and it is as if it does not exist, but is has to be coming from somewhere. One would think the header.php, but its just not anywhere.

      my second question; how do you post images for recent posts on the main page?

      I understand you are super busy with more important things but I would REALLY appreciate the help.

      thanks again for a wonderful theme and all your hard work and great design.

    79. How can I delete this text on the about? I looked everywhere in the sidebar.php file?


      ThemeMeme Vero was designed by Robert Ellis of ThemeMeme. You will always find the latest information for this theme at WordPress Theme: ThemeMeme Vero. You can delete this text by editing sidebar.php in the futurosity_vero theme folder.

      Why not subscribe to ThemeMeme now?

    80. Omar, I don’t have time to fix this, but look in home.php.

    81. Hi Robert!

      Thanks for a great theme!

      Best regards,

    82. Hi Again :)

      I can see alot is asking why the featured post shows twice instead of staying the same on the right?

      Everytime i add a new post in the Fresh category it ends up twice.

      Any idea why?


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    84. I love your themes. I do! They are so beautifully designed. It pains me to report that they don’t play so well with Safari or IE. It pains me, I say! Because I think the designs are gorgeous and I used one of them on my own website. But It just falls apart on one of the infidel browsers. You’ve probably heard this already. A future weekend project for me — helping you find a work around.

    85. where’d your themes go? they were so nice looking. now all i can see is eos. everything links to eos. only eos!! (which is also extremely pretty & nice, but … not what i’m trying to see just now) . bah!

      good day.

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    88. […] ThemeMeme Vero (via Theme Meme) Built on Sandbox and Blueprint CSS framework, the ThemeMeme Vero is a minimalist theme. Near the top of your home page, your most recent and featured post will be displayed. […]

    89. […] ThemeMeme Vero 简单到极致的主题之一,适用体现个性的个人博客。 […]

    90. Hi, i’m new to blogging so sorry in advance. I keep getting an implode error and it says the stylsheet is missing. I checked the wp/content folder and its there at style.css.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    91. shit, sorry that was actually in regards to the Aperio theme

    92. Hello, great theme! How can I activate links in posts in the homepage? The only work in the post page, but I need to activate them in the home page…

      Thank you!

    93. […] 3rd, 2009 It’s been over a year since I redesigned ThemeMeme and released the design as my ThemeMeme Vero theme. Now, instead of designing a new theme, I’ve chosen to use a ThemeForest theme. […]

    94. i want to say “big thx” to you so much!!! i’m currently running it at http://mas.vn/cafein.

    95. Meme Vero is brilliant theme for WordPress!


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