I’m releasing a version of the ThemeMeme Aeterno WordPress theme. It’s still a little rough around the edges, but I don’t have time to work on it now and didn’t want to withhold it from anyone who might be interested to play with it. It works fine, but may lack a little polish here and there.

Please note: Because of school, I won’t have time to make many fixes or put any polish on this theme for the foreseeable future, so please don’t download it unless you’re comfortable tweaking any minor problems yourself. Thanks.

ThemeMeme Aeterno requires WordPress 2.7 or higher.

ThemeMeme Aeterno


The ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype theme is free, but I’d love for you to follow me on Twitter and to post a tweet. To download, just click on the tweet2download button and follow the directions. If you’re not on Twitter, you can use the other download link below.

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Download ThemeMeme Aeterno WordPress Theme

Download ThemeMeme Aeterno

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To install, upload the themememe_aeterno folder to your wordpress/wp-content/themes folder. Then open your WP Admin and select the ThemeMeme Aeterno theme under the Appearance tab.

Here are a few tips for customizing the theme.

“About” Text

You can edit the “About” text in home.php.

Number of Posts on the Home Page

To change the number of posts displayed on the home page, open home.php and edit this line:

Default Image

You should add a default image to appear as the background at the top of your About text and at the top of posts without categories. Just create an image, name it default.jpg and drop it in the themememe_aeterno/images folder.

Background Image

The default background image is from milleseicentopercento. You can use any background image you want, though, by simply creating an image named background.gif and copying over the background.gif file in the themememe_aeterno/images folder.

Using One Category

Posts should have one category. It is good information design to use one category and multiple tags for your posts. If you use more than one category, the height of your posts on the home page and archive pages will be irregular and destroy the layout. If you must use more than one layout, you will have to edit the .postmetadata selector in the style.css file.

Category Background Colors

To give posts of different categories different background colors, open style.css and edit these lines:

.category-wordpress .post-content{background: #a1e8d9;}
.category-geek .post-content{background: #c1ce96;}
.category-design .post-content{background: #fff6c5;}
.category-about .post-content{background: gray;}

Change/add category names to match your categories.


ThemeMeme Aeterno is Copyright © 2009 by ThemeMeme. It is released under the GNU General Public License, version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html), meaning you can do pretty much whatever you want with it, but you should kindly keep the link back to ThemeMeme (http://www.themememe.com), either in the sidebar or the footer. If you do, you will live a long and happy life. If you don’t, your personal possessions will have a habit of mysteriously disappearing.


0.1 Released 20 January 2009.

Published by Charlie Livingston

I'm Charlie, I'm originally from the UK and my idea with ThemeMeme is to create a directory of only the best free WordPress themes to help people find the right theme for them quicker (and to help authors of quality themes get more exposure).


  1. Rad! I think you just made a lot of people very excited.

  2. Nice job on the theme, Robert. I like to see your still designing theme that don’t have to look like the traditional blog.

  3. Great job Robert. Will use it for my other blog.

  4. Wow, Great Theme and Job Robert. Thanks

  5. youre different from the other, ilike it,

  6. i want ask somethin, how i can place image in the top of post without default.jpg pic? imean i use picture from post..
    plz reply.. and thanks

  7. I’ve tried the theme but won’t work for my site because I have lots of videos

  8. hi, thanks for a wonderful theme! i have a small bug in trying this theme: the background image can’t show. may i know how to solve it?

  9. one awesome theme, your style is different, and very easy on the eye. thanks.

  10. Looks great, do you have a demo set up somewhere?

  11. Thanks for this theme. We’re using it on our blog with some redesign.

  12. I would like to download Underscore Theme, but the link is broken. Could you send me the file?

  13. Underscore is not my theme. You’ll have to get it from Upstart Blogger.

  14. Hi, thanx for the nice template. I use it on my site.

  15. Hi,
    I’ve been looking at the Premium Themes and I end up going back to your Aeterno theme. It is very nice. I’m just trying to fix the problem with attachment images on singleposts being compressed in its width. I can’t seem to find the section that defines it in the Editor.


    • hi michael, im on aeterno too, i have the same problem with the compressed images, did you fixed ?? im going crazy trying to find how !! jajajaaja i really apreciatte the help, thanks !!

  16. Hi there, such a great template, i mean, out in the hyperspace!
    A little support would be appreciated, even in the form of aforum where the pioneers can exchange discoveries.

    eg, @James CSS line 23 input there the name of your background image, the standard isn’t background.gif but trentacinque.gif

  17. Güzel tema.. Elinize sağlık.

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