If you’re interested in building a modern online magazine with featured images, article thumbnails, and bright colors, the NewsMag WordPress theme should do the trick. It’s a powerful theme with support for Google Ads and a slider. This way, you can make money when people click through the ads, then prompt those same users to view some of your most recent content that’s highlighted in the slider. With the slider you can insert overlaying text and headings, while also featuring some other related stories. The key to taking advantage of the NewsMag theme is how you organize the categorized story lists. It’s nice to have a slider for the hottest stories, but people would also like to see the top stories from other categories. So, you might have some lists for sports, news, entertainment, lifestyle, and more.

The NewsMag theme helps with making a blog, but you should only consider the theme if you’re planning on having a high number of articles. It’s actually meant for a big magazine, so a blog could technically look a little sparse if you’re lacking content. Regardless, the theme includes a custom background and beautiful colors for designing your brand and making it all look nice. It’s a responsive and mobile touch-friendly template, and you get some Google Fonts for making your typography match your brand. The theme is also built on Twitter Bootstrap 3, so you’re in good hands and you know that the theme shouldn’t slow down your site or cause any performance issues. Along with the strength in performance, the NewsMag theme provides several sidebars, which support an unlimited number of widgets. Pair that with advanced custom fields, a contact form, and a footer, and you’ve found yourself a solid way to make a magazine.


ThemeMeme has a long history in the WordPress community but as of 2016 has been re-launched as a directory of high-quality free themes. SweetBlog is our latest theme.

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  • Multiple article layouts
  • Custom logo
  • Lazy Load