FoodHunt has one purpose and one purpose only: to generate a tasty-looking website for small to large restaurants. This is technically a multipurpose theme, so you could also develop a food blog or maybe a recipes website. However, that multipurpose functionality is primarily to adjust the way the theme looks for certain types of restaurants and cuisines. The theme links up to a blog to keep your customers coming back for more, and you can also adjust the custom background with any picture you would like. For instance, a pizza parlor would be wise to have a gooey pizza being pulled right out of the oven. The FoodHunt WordPress theme provides custom colors all across the website. Change fonts to blue or the footers to black. It doesn’t matter the color, since they are all available to you. Uploading the logo is quite fun with the FoodHunt theme, since it’s located towards the middle of the header by default. You’ll be able to stand out from other restaurants and base your brand around this image.

This pairs well with the custom menu, where the theme lets you link to any page on the website. Viewed on a regular computer screen, the custom menu displays a few of the menu items to the left of the logo, along with a few of them to the right. As for the columns, webmasters have a choice between one or two columns. The two column setup might be nice when displaying a menu or a list of your cocktails. The one column configuration has great value when you’re thinking about making a landing page or you’d simply like to clear out the rest of the clutter. As mentioned, the blog post formats are quite nice. In addition, you’re able to ask customers for feedback in the threaded comments section. Along with built-in social media buttons, a beautiful modern design, and the gigantic header image, the FoodHunt WordPress theme is quite the treat for companies in the food business.


ThemeMeme has a long history in the WordPress community but as of 2016 has been re-launched as a directory of high-quality free themes. SweetBlog is our latest theme.


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  • RestaurantPress Compatible
  • Responsive
  • Slider
  • Primary Color Option
  • Parallax Background Effect
  • Translation Ready