I’ve been playing with the 2.5 Sneak Peek of WordPress today and I’m happy to report that all of the ThemeMeme WordPress themes are compatible with this newest version.

ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype and ThemeMeme Vero are fully functional; all of the recommended plugins are compatible. ThemeMeme Eos is functional, except for the popular posts on the front page. I would expect an update to Popularity Contest to be released soon after the official release of WordPress 2.5.

I’ll be upgrading my themes to the latest version of Sandbox and adding the new tags for the core avatar support as soon as I can find the time.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling adventurous, grab the WordPress 2.5 Sneak Peek and take the new admin for a spin. It looks fantastic, but it does take a little getting used to.

You might also have a look at Fluency (pictured below), a new administration theme for WordPress 2.5. I’ve never bothered to use an admin theme before (though Tiger was tempting), but Fluency is slick enough to make me reconsider.


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Published by Charlie Livingston

I'm Charlie, I'm originally from the UK and my idea with ThemeMeme is to create a directory of only the best free WordPress themes to help people find the right theme for them quicker (and to help authors of quality themes get more exposure).


  1. My admin panel is decked out in a custom install of Tiger 3.0 right now. I was thinking about tweaking it to work with the WordPress upgrade if need be, but Fluent looks fantastic.

    I’m curious what sort of crazy things I can with and/or to it.

  2. I’m really liking Fluency. The design is more refined than the default.

  3. A very elegant theme. Makes a stand out web publishing solution.


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