With so many people browsing the Net on their iPhone (Google reports 50 times more searches from the iPhone than any other mobile platform), it’s time to start thinking about what your blog looks like on the iPhone’s diminutive browser. And if you’ve ever tried to manage your WordPress Admin from the iPhone, you know that it’s cumbersome at best. But here are two plugins that make your WordPress blog iPhone-friendly with a couple of clicks.

The iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme (pictured above) automatically detects an iPhone or iPod touch visitor and displays a lightweight version of your site optimized for the iPhone’s 480-by-320-pixel screen. The theme sacrifices your design for quick viewing of the content, but there’s nothing to stop you from customizing it; it installs in the /themes folder like any other WordPress theme. Your regular visitors will see your standard design in all it’s glory.

Mobile Admin for iPhone (pictured below) makes a slimmed down version the most commonly used sections of your WordPress Admin more accessible from an iPhone or iPod touch.

Mobile Admin for iPhone

Don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch? Don’t let that stop you from making your WordPress blog iPhone-friendly. Neither plugin requires any configuration. You can always see what your site looks like to iVisitors by previewing it in iPhoney.

Via WordPressGarage.com

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