Let’s play twenty questions, give or take…

What’s ThemeMeme all about?

ThemeMeme is about themes…web themes and WordPress themes. And web design and WordPress, and technology, and design.

Who designed the site?

The current design is from ThemeForest. Looks great and cost $35 bucks. Took me about 20 minutes to set up. Why bother with some free theme with spotty code? But if you really want a free theme…

Do you have themes?

Yes. You’ll find a few free WordPress themes on the Downloads page. Check the ThemeMemes category for the latest information about ThemeMeme themes.

I’m looking for the Futurosity WordPress themes.

The Futurosity themes have all been rebranded as ThemeMeme themes. Look no further. They’re right here.

Do you offer support for ThemeMeme themes?

No. The themes are free, but they are offered as is. Please don’t try to contact me for help. The themes are unsupported. But feel free to post a comment and someone else might offer help.

Do you offer paid, supported themes?

There are no paid ThemeMeme themes. But I often recommend some of the best, reasonably priced premium themes. Two great places to start are ThemeForest and Elegant Themes.

Hey, what host do you recommend?

I recommend AN Hosting. I’ve been with probably 20 different hosts over the years and AN Hosting is hands down the best. If you’re looking for a great host for your blog, give AN Hosting a try.

I posted a comment and it never showed up. Why?

Posts are moderated, so I may just not have gotten to it yet. But if your post looks like spam, smells like spam, tastes like spam—I mark it spam. Even if your post looks legit, but doesn’t really say anything, I’m not likely to approve it.

Hey, I wrote a comment and you edited it!

If you post a comment with your affiliate link, I’ll probably edit it or put my affiliate code in. Why should I let you steal my traffic? If you want to pimp something, write a meaningful post. You’ll have a link back to your site and you can promote whatever you like.

How can I get in touch with you?

The best thing to do is write a comment.