Oops! Lars pointed out that the footer in my ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype WordPress theme was missing wp_footer.

It’s now fixed, so if you’re using WP Stats, or another plugin that relies on this tag, everything should be working now.

If you’d rather not download the theme again, just add this to footer.php before the closing tag:

Thanks, Lars!

Published by Charlie Livingston

I'm Charlie, I'm originally from the UK and my idea with ThemeMeme is to create a directory of only the best free WordPress themes to help people find the right theme for them quicker (and to help authors of quality themes get more exposure).


  1. about ThemeMeme Aperio, so cool.i like it.
    i just install Prototype in my wordpress blog http://www.room2521.com/np
    and i wonder,it dose not display the picture (in the entry) the index page as demo
    how can i do it?

  2. You need to add the custom post-image tag and the path to the image. Please read the instructions on the ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype page.

  3. Once again i love your theme, …having grown a little tired with mass serif text in the mod of the futurosity theme i was using i was so happy to see this Aperio theme, ….i absolutely love it, …i am so so so impressed once again, ..but i liked the extra homepage content areas of futurosity, so i am mashing the two together, ….more work needed though to incorporate 3 colour versions (teaching site, work site, personal site) into the one theme.

    ….just saying thank you really.

  4. mog, you’re very welcome! Your site looks great, I love the way you added content to the bottom of your home page. Interesting mod. Good job!

  5. for Robert Ellis thank you very much,i just read the instrucion carefully
    i think so,Mog’website is so cool

  6. hello Robert

    just a remark why you do not use text for the title of the blog in top instead of an image (header.jpg)


  7. Reyd, I expected people to replace the image with their own logo and it’s easy enough to replace the image with text, as you’ve done. The text looks great on your site.

  8. so
    i change just for the impression or pdf = a better definition

    now i try to make a black version…

  9. Next one:

    Multi-language switching (I wrote a german .MO file) was not working in the previous/next post “Browse” section.

    I changed some code in the single.php. You can download my changed single.php at: http://www.larseberhart.com/temp/single.zip

    Take a look at lines 66, 74,75, 90, 91.

    One minor problem: for some reason (don´t have time to solve that one right now) the translations for that section are not fetched from the theme`s .MO, but from the general .MO. So after editing those lines, write the translations for “Previous” and “Next” into the GENERAL language file. I hope to sort out that issue, so that only one single .MO file is needed for a multi-language Aperio theme.

  10. Lars, thanks for your work on this!

  11. hi. I just wanted to say that I LOVE this theme. I’ve been in search of a wordpress theme that doesn’t feel like a blog, something that is simple but stylized.

    so thank you.

    I had a quick question, I noticed one user, mog has been able to make all of the boxes larger and the same height. It’s a nice element when you have a lot of information on the page. How can I accomplish that with my basic hacking skills.

    thanks again!

  12. jody, it’s an optical illusion. His boxes are the same size as yours. You have more boxes so they look smaller. :)

    If you want to change the size, it’s not that complicated to do, but it’s complicated to tell you how. Here’s a hint:

    Open style.css and look for this:

    .home .post {background:#999; display:inline; float:left; height:300px; margin:2px; overflow:hidden; position:relative; width:226px;}

    You can change the height and width here, but be careful not to break the layout. Have fun!

  13. Hello Robert
    I want to say that “Incident.net” team use your design (in black version)
    There remain still some small changes… in progress…
    You are in the “infos” section… thank you


  14. Thanks, Reyd! The site looks fascinating. Thanks for including a mention in the”infos” section.

  15. Does this theme works with podpress?

  16. I don’t know, Reyd. I’ve never played with PodPress, but I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t work.

  17. Hi !
    me again, for an other presentation : i need to make mosaics images archive, which php code I should put in the page? (i use exec-php 4.6)… how can i do it?

    ps : it’s ok for podpress…

  18. Reyd, I’m not exactly sure what you mean. If you mean you want to put the images that are on the front page of Aperio on an archive page, you’d have to edit the code extensively.

    Copy one of the image blocks from the front page, edit out the WordPress tags, then edit the archive tags into it. You’ll also need to edit your style.css file.I can’t do it for you, but you should be able to figure it out. Good luck!

  19. Thanks for this beautiful theme ;-)
    I’m using it on my personal blog.

  20. Hello there!
    I DO like your themes! Thanks!
    I’m using Aperio now and I’ve noticed that using IE or maxthon on any archive page (by date or by category), all the pictures are distorted into a square (the header picture, even sidebar pictures).
    As one may expect, that distorsion doesn’t happen in Firefox :-p
    Nevertheless I still haven’t managed to undo it/fix.
    Do you have a clue?
    — +if you happen to check my webpage, pleased don’t be horrified by what i’ve done to your beautiful theme ok? ;-)

  21. love all your themes! can’t wait to try them out!


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