I’ve updated ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype to 0.5. This is a quick fix for trackbacks not displaying. If you have edited the template files, all you need to do is replace your old comments.php with the new comments.php file in this version.

Grab the new version from the ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype page.

Published by Charlie Livingston

I'm Charlie, I'm originally from the UK and my idea with ThemeMeme is to create a directory of only the best free WordPress themes to help people find the right theme for them quicker (and to help authors of quality themes get more exposure).


  1. Hello
    thanks for update but error with trackbacks in firefox 1.5 and 2, msie 5, 6 (with more 1 trackback)
    firefox 3 and safari ok

  2. Reyd, I’m sorry you’re having problems. But I’m going to need some help from an Aperio user to troubleshoot this. And, generally speaking, I don’t go out of my way to support IE 5 and 6. Their numbers keep falling and they’re a nightmare to code for.

    Can anyone else help with this?

  3. I know MSIE is a nightmare ;)

  4. I´ve noticed that, since I changed my theme to Aperio, WP_Stats stopped working. I made a quick check a few minutes ago, changing back to my previous theme and clicked a few times on my blogs enties, those showed up in the statistics. It seems Aperio and WP_Stats don´t work together.

    Are you aware of this behaviour, do you have any idea where the problem could be or should I try to fix it?

  5. Lars, I wasn’t aware of any problem with WP_Stats, but I don’t use it. Not sure why it wouldn’t work, but I’d appreciate it if you let us know what you find out if you can fix it. Thanks!

  6. Ups! *g*

    Before the closing BODY-Tag in footer.php, insert the following PHP code:


  7. Thanks, Lars! So easy. I’ll fix this in the next update.

  8. wp_footer is used to call lots of plugins. Would make sense to include it.


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