ThemeMeme Aperio is often described by its fans as “beautiful” and “creative,” but this new mod by wangjelgraphics pushes the envelope. Modestly described as “not so much new just a little transparency here and there, flash tag cloud and fancy zoom,” Aperio littlemod is as cool as a Zen snow cone.

Kudos to wangjel.

Grab Aperio littlemod.

Published by Charlie Livingston

I'm Charlie, I'm originally from the UK and my idea with ThemeMeme is to create a directory of only the best free WordPress themes to help people find the right theme for them quicker (and to help authors of quality themes get more exposure).


  1. waw
    thank you
    i guess you know what is it mean
    “first time”

  2. You’re welcome. Nice job!

  3. awesome. my favorite theme got a small mod,

  4. Hi there,

    Just notice a spelling error in the settings code of my site.

    The Blog title should read: Welcome and not “Weclome” to

    Just about to launch it so I hope you can fix this or lead me in the right direction.


    Sarah Snowdon

  5. Sarah, the problem is probably in home.php. But I don’t own Modicus anymore and I no longer support it. You’ll need to contact Upstart Blogger.

  6. thanks to you
    woopra is singing all day…..
    greatings wangjel

  7. iwould be happy to meet, we have a game server, Teamfortress 2 c

  8. ….an be fun to play together a little,
    greatings Wangjel

  9. This littlemod has disappeared! I hope it comes back….

  10. didn’t disappear, just i was stupid.
    i left some folders 777 and someone was copying files, and funny scripts,
    and inside, so i cleaned everything.
    and putba

  11. (i can not get use to this keyboard:d)

    …ck the demos and the site in a different
    way, i was just too idealistic?

  12. “log”
    the two version of “littlemod”
    with the original files of Aperio
    is getting close to the 200 download
    have a happy day

  13. Nice, expresive mod !

  14. Where did the theme go?
    Whole domain seems to be gone?

  15. we are tranfering the domain from our old registar to another one so takes up to 10 days? any way we are working a lot we have some new domains, we open a wpmu to test use themes and mods and have some place to modify “together” because aftr all more then 300 download positive feedbacks and not so much living example means for us users need help to adapt the mods for their own need. we call it “Wangjel creatives” the site is on hopefully very quickly we will be “on”

  16. doeas anybody have the link of this theme ?

    Thanks in advance

  17. hello ophidite
    our site get a new design so it is closed for some time,
    but here is the li,k to the theme download
    thenks for loving it

  18. we are working on a new design
    but here is the link to the download
    www box net / shared / o92wlpwu88

  19. How can i find this mod… I cannot be on wangjel… ( dont know how to log) where to subscribe on wangjel site ? very very interested !!!!!!!

  20. I’m from Russia. I good read english, but bad write english? excuse me.
    But I want say thank you very much for information.

  21. Hi,
    Thanks for the great theme, Aperio was just what I was looking for, very visual on the home page.

    I am still in the process of customizing it for my needs, and was wondering if you could lend a hand. I took some inspiration for this littlemod, and added some JQuery page transitions, and animation on the home page for unfolding boxes. I want it to display as many image boxes as there are posts, so I updated the php to catch 30 for the time being, while I create a JQuery menu for older posts, that will fade in over the screen. This should keep things nice and tidy.

    My problem is that from the 6th post onwards, the font formatting on the home page gets smaller and doesn’t fit well. I have hunted around trying to find why this is happening, can you tell me where? Take a look at my home page to get a better understanding.

    Cheers again for the fantastic work!


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