1. hi,

    i couldn’t locate your email address so i’ve decided to post a comment. i’m a wp newbee and started using your modicus theme a week ago, which i love. since i don’t know any css or other web languages, i’m doing the best that i can to customize the layout to fit my needs. unfortunately, i’ve come across two problems that i’m having trouble with and i was wondering if you could help me.

    1. how can i change font color and size of my menu fonts? for example, i would like to change the font size and color for “INSIDE” and the menu items on the right sidebar. i’m not sure which file to go to…

    2. if i want to add banner ads to the sidebar under the copyright info, which file am i supposed to modify?

    i’m sure these are elementary questions, but if you could help me out, i would really appreciate it.

    love the site and keep up the good work


  2. Sam, you’ll need to edit style.css. But I don’t own Modicus anymore and I no longer support it. You’ll have to contact Upstart Blogger for help. Sorry.


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