The latest roundup to include a ThemeMeme WordPress theme is from Speckyboy. You’ll find ThemeMeme Eos hobnobbing with some impressive company in Spekyboy’s list of 43 Phenomenal and Advanced Groundbreaking WordPress Themes – Free to Download.

Where do these guys keep finding these great themes? There are several high quality themes in this list. Some of my favorites: Lemon Twist, Charlottenburg and, of course, the excellent themes by Derek Punsalan and Ian Stewart.

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I'm Charlie, I run aThemes as well as a couple of other web properties. I'm currently living in SE Asia but originally from the UK.


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  2. Great theme! Can you please let me know how I can change the thumbnail image on top of each post on the Aeterno theme?
    Thank you!!!! I looked everywhere and can’t find the answer.

    • Add a custom field called post-image and add the URL to the image you want to use. If you don’t know how to do this, see the directions for Aperio.


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